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Security is a competitive advantage and a differentiator in IoT and Mobile markets. It allows companies to promote trusted services as an essential value, reinforcing brand image. It accelerates growth by introducing premium business models for security enhanced products.

We offer Consulting, System Integration, Custom Software Development and Training services on security. Our goal is to support our customers in their effort to bring an outstanding security value proposition for their products.

We help our customers to develop and refine their strategy, product definition and roadmap, in terms of security. We start from market and business requirements, and through Use Case Analysis, we identify the security needs and propose optimal solutions.

At the core of the strategy definition, we perform a Threat Analysis, using the appropriate methodologies, for understanding and characterizing the possible threats which affect the products. We can then eliminate flaws, minimize consequences of vulnerabilities or attacks, and reduce risks.

Once flaws and vulnerabilities are known, we help our customers enhance or develop their Security System Architecture to reach the level of security required for their products. Security Architecture aims at designing protection mechanisms and countermeasures, adapted to the capabilities of the platform.

The definition, architecture and implementation of the Security System Solution are driven by a combination of technical and business considerations. We provide a Security Return on Investment analysis to justify the cost of the security investment against the expected business benefits.

We offer System Integration services to help our customers integrate security components into a robust System Solution. These components can include modules developed in-house and/or obtained from the open source community and/or commercial vendors. These modules will require adaptation to leverage the capabilities and meet the constraints of the platform.

Our engineers are expert in integrating open source security software in Mobile and IoT platforms using:

TEE Trusted OS such as Linaro® OP-TEE

Provisioning protocol stacks

Rich OS such as Linux®

RTOS such as Zephyr™

We are developing libraries of reusable software components that we can adapt to our customers’ needs and integrate in their solutions:

Asset Management Stack based on standard protocols

Asset Management Agent

TEE Extensions (Security Domains Management)

We develop on-demand Applications in the domains and use cases that our customers target:

Trusted Applications

Secure Element Applets

Security Firmware

Our experts can deliver on-site training to bring our knowledge to our customers. We customize our training curriculum to focus on customers’ needs, particularly in the following areas:


Embedded Security Architecture

Trusted Execution Environment

Trusted Application development

Secure Element and Applet programming

Secure boot

Security Evaluation and Certification

Attacks and their countermeasures